Specialty Services

Mercenary Auto Care has a team of professionals that are well versed in exterior and interior auto services, as well as an array of other specialty services. Please continue reading below to learn more and call us today to set up your next appointment!

Ceramics and Paint Chips

Product Selection

Having been familiar with coatings since the beginning of their place in the market, we were very careful in making the right decision for our customers and ourselves. Jay had started out with coatings back in the late ninety’s when they were a little less than satisfactory. Since then, the products and the industry have taken a huge leap forward thanks to Nano Technology. Today, they are a reliable resource for the protection of your favorite ride. Having done a crazy amount of product testing with these products, we’ve arrived at a wonderful conclusion. Gtechniq!!

Gtechniq is “The” innovator in ceramics. They started in 2001 and are the best choice for us and for our customers. Give us a shout and we would love to tell you all about it!

Paint chip repair! The guys have been doing paint chip repair since 2004 and they don’t use some janky, get rich quick internet system. Ours is proprietary to us. Before Mercenary there was Di’s auto paint and chip repair. Conceptualized and opened by Diane Weibel. There, Jay used to perform chip repair to small blending to full-paints. After Di’s closed (long story), Jay took the knowledge he had gained and brought it to Mercenary. Our paint chip repair is done using to same paints and practices that exceed industry standard and are permanently repaired.

VIP Service

White Mercedes

Our VIP service is the only package that we offer where the price is set.

It includes a 3 stage wash, interior vac, spot scrub and vinyl detail. It also includes a full exterior detail, tires, rims, windows and ceramic detail spray.

This package leaves your vehicle looking like new!!

$175.00 CARS

$200.00 SUVS

$250.00 TRUCKS

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